Must Have Clothing Pieces for Sailing & Boating

Must Have Clothing Pieces for Sailing & Boating - SET SAIL APPAREL

#1: Bring a WindBreaker When Sailing

Even though it might be sunny, the wind can still burn your skin at high speeds, so it’s important to pack a windbreaker. We recommend this Killer Instinct windbreaker for style, comfort and protection.

#2: Wear Layers on a Sailboat

If you’re choosing to go sailing at a cooler time of the year, it’s important to layer up to keep your internal body temperature where it should be. While the windbreaker above is a perfect choice, you should also consider a heavyweight tee like this one to help keep your core warm.

#3: Pack Comfortable Swimwear & Loungewear on a Sailboat

It’s understandable that you may want to sunbathe or even take a tip in the ocean while you’re sailing - and you absolutely should! Take a look at these stylish swim shorts to sport either in the water, or on deck catching those rays. Just remember to reapply sunscreen if you’ve been in the water!

#4: What Bottoms Should You Wear Sailing

If the sun’s rays are beating down but you’re not much of a swimmer, swimwear might not be the right option for you. Instead, why not take a look at these Vintage Black Sport Shorts to lounge on deck with? They’ll keep you nice and cool while also providing excellent comfort, not to mention style.

#6: What To Wear On Your Feet When Sailing

We all know that being on deck might mean a slippery surface from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise fashion! Nobody wants to be wearing clunky shoes to help them grip on deck, especially not in the summer heat! Check out these sail slides which will help keep you in place while you’re sailing, all while keeping your feet nice and cool and pairing up your summer outfit nicely.

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