The Base x Set Sail Collaboration

The Base x Set Sail Collaboration - SET SAIL APPAREL

Well designed clothing is meant to transition seamlessly into your daily attire, casually and distinguished from the crowd. For our latest collaboration, The Base Company and Set Sail Apparel came together to create a classic capsule of nautical sportswear tees and nylon windbreaker shorts, centered around the mantra "Establish Your Base to Cast Your Sail Forward." Learn more about the collaboration below and shop the Base x Set Sail capsule available online.


TREL: Jack & I's connection from the Navy played a pivotal role and the lessons we learned while serving. We wanted to bring awareness to what brought our brands to where it stands today. Definitely having a foundation - like knowing your purpose - that allowed us to build upward despite failing. With that being, your Base will allow you to Sail.

JACK: Our goal with this collaboration was to bring awareness to the comeback you can have after reaching troubled points in your life. It isn't just a coincidence that Trel & I both experienced troubled points while in the Navy. There is a similar message in our brand identity’s, so it just made sense to make this collaboration happen. 



TREL & JACK: Items that will be featured are our Base x Set Sail Nylon Shorts with our signature branded logo collaboration tees in multiple colors featuring our logos anchored in unity and a bold mission statement stamped on the back of the shirt.


set sail base nylon shorts


TREL: Set Sail Apparel is a brand that’s redefining yacht casual and sailing clothing. We are a timeless brand of integrity that creates lifestyle wear ready for any of your nautical experiences.

JACK: The Base Company is a two-part project that houses classic Houstonian Streetwear brand and media platform dedicated to Global Street Culture. 

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