What to Pack for a Sailing Vacation Trip

What to Pack for a Sailing Vacation Trip - SET SAIL APPAREL

Choosing the right sailing outfit will not only help you avoid bad weather but also make your sailing experience safer and more enjoyable. Outfits, gear, and accessories can vary depending on the weather and the type of boat you're on.

Sailing is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Here's our guide to help you outfit yourself for a relaxing sailing experience.

Things to Pack on Your Next Sailing Trip

Weather is an important aspect to take into consideration when you’re sailing. Of course you’d ideally go sailing when it’s sunny, so here are some suggestions to help you choose the right attire when it comes to sailing.

Shirts and tops

When it comes to picking the right sailing clothes, keeping protected is crucial. When you're outside, not only will you be exposed to the sun's rays, but those rays will also be reflected back at you from the water.

Pack both long- and short-sleeved alternatives so you can switch between the two to keep comfortable while sailing. A decent collar on your shirt might also give additional neck protection.

Light jackets/vests

In the summer, a light jacket or a windbreaker will keep you warm on windy days. Any kind of lightweight clothing, is a popular choice among many people. This gives you the greatest mobility while participating in different activities at sea.

Shorts, pants and shoes

When sailing, it's recommended that you don't just put on any old pair of shorts or pants. Shorts built expressly for sailing are a popular option. A good pair of sailing pants or shorts, on the other hand, can withstand a lot of punishment on board your sailing boat. This includes rubbing up against objects that could rip regular pants. Sailing pants and shorts offer wicking material and storage pocket to keep you and your items dry.

Some people like to wear shorts over their wetsuits when dinghy sailing to protect their wetsuits from wear, especially in the seat area. Some shorts include additional padding in the back for added comfort.

When it comes to your feet, non-slip, closed toe shoes, with a back up pair of sailing slides, are always your best bet for grip, safety, and comfort when sailing.


Protecting your head, including your face, ears, and neck, is a crucial area to consider while deciding what to wear sailing in the summer. This normally means you need a quality sailing hat while at sea.

They're available in a variety of styles and include features like lightweight, breathable materials, UPF protection, and brims to shield your eyes to keep you fly and protected at sea. All of our sailing bucket hats are also waterproof, with wicking materials and ventilation holes to keep your head cool and dry.

Set Sail Apparel is yacht casual clothing with a nautical lifestyle focus. Each collection is centered around the nautical aspects of boating lifestyle. Keep us in mind as you pack sailing essentials for your next sailing, yachting or boating trip.

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